Ladies and Gentlemen of the Podiverse...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Podiverse...

About Us

We're your one stop comedy shop for all things podcasts

John and Brandon are podcast people...Doug not so much. Our goal, at the onset, was to force Doug to devour and ingest so much content that he will become what he most fears, A Podcast Person. 

You're coming with us!

We want you to listen along as we explore the rich and deep world of all things podcasts. Comedy, News, Politics, Film, Television, Music, Personal Stories, everything is fair game. 

Where can I listen?

Anywhere and everywhere.  We're on iTunes, we're on Sticher, we're on Google, we're on your mom's iPhone (just me?), we're in your head man. 

And you can interact with us at

@mdltpodcasts on twitter

and on our facebook group, Making Doug Listen to Podcasts.

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